I really want to come here for treatment. I go to school with many of your patients and when I see them, I just think, “Wow, I want that smile”. When I ask the kids with the best smiles who is their orthodontist, they reply Dr. Cynthia Reed. I have seen the results you make happen and it is beautiful! I am really excited for my treatment with you! Tionna

Having a daughter born with a severe cleft lip and palate, we knew we would be immersed in the world of orthodontia for a long time. We have been seen by Dr. Cindy Reed’s office and couldn’t be happier. The staff is so friendly and helpful and Dr. Reed has done great work. We appreciate that she is willing to consult with our daughter’s plastic surgeon who is out of state and that she “tells it like it is”. She does not tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear and if you follow that instruction, you will have great results. We are confident Dr. Reed and her staff will get our daughter’s smile and bite to a normal state despite the mess her cleft started her off in life! Mary Cooper

You ladies ROCK. Conner is doing great with his braces and we appreciate so much your excellent care! The Roses

There is no question in my mind that Dr. Reed is the reason my son still has his front teeth! When we were referred to her (after seeing several other dentist), the four teeth he had knocked out of place in a fall on the school playground months before were in a very fragile state. At the time, his gums were inflamed and it looked unlikely that at least a couple of his teeth would make it. I think my son and I had given up hope already. Dr. Reed woke us up. She said my 11- year-old son had to do a better job taking care of his traumatized teeth. She told him to start using a Waterpik and gave him a travel toothbrush for use at school and she told him to come back in two weeks with cleaner teeth. She made us realize that better oral hygiene could make all the difference for him. We followed her advice and in two weeks the change was amazing! His gums already looked better and for the first time in months we had new hope of saving his teeth. Since that time, his teeth have continued to get stronger and Graham is doing a much better job of taking care of them! Thank you, Dr. Reed Erin Mathews

It has been a few years back that our daughter went to a well-known dentist in Salina Kansas. My daughter was still wearing her braces five years after they put them on. My wife took my daughter to Dr. Cynthia Reed for a second opinion. She realized this was not an ordinary problem. In a year’s time, my daughter had a beautiful smile anyone would be proud of. I would suggest going to an orthodontist for your braces. It could reduce the amount of time you will be wearing your braces and actually cost you less. Our dentist was charging us more than Dr. Cynthia Reed would have. Kudos to you Dr. Cynthia Reed for being such a giving and caring doctor. Hal Morris

This is our second child to have their orthodontics done with Dr. Reed. Our experience was Great! Friendly staff and the children now have beautiful smiles, Thank you. Kathy Sweeney (Jessica and Annie)

I love my straight teeth!!! Doctor Reed did an amazing job and I highly recommend anyone who wants straight teeth and a great smile to come to her! Annie Sweeney

I never thought a smile like this was possible for her. You guys did a great job! Her smile is beautiful and has given her an amazing boost in her self confidence. Thank you so much! She glows from the inside out now when she smiles! Jeanie Warner

A huge thank you to Dr Cindy Reed for making my smile beautiful again. I wasn’t sure about getting braces as an adult but I am thrilled with the results. I am grateful to Dr Reed and her very skilled staff for a very positive experience. I was worried it would hurt but can honestly say I never had pain. My treatment at each appointment was explained so I understood exactly what was being done to my mouth. Instructions were clearly given so that I knew what to do once I left the office. Working with Dr Reed and getting braces was the best decision for me. I would highly recommend Dr Reed for anyone needing orthodontic treatment. Thank you Dr Reed! Lynn Lohmeyer

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